Nanny cam or hidden camera, is it right ?


Hidden Camera ,WOW!  A parent just the other day asked me what I thought of a nanny cam.

I was completely honest when I replied, “Fine, if anything, it’s to my advantage.” I don’t mind being watched on a hidden camera and I actually would prefer it. I am a firm believer that you treat children with respect. If you get upset with something, then you walk away. This is why it’s so important to have a space where a child can be left alone without being harmed. If you are a person who has a bad temper, then this position is not for you. It also helps to have the appropriate interview with the prospective nanny. If you don’t think that a nanny cam or hidden camera is right for your family, then make unexpected visits to your house or when the nanny is out with your child. Also, always follow your gut when you think something is wrong. Most nannies don’t mind being watched on a hidden camera. They just want to know about it before taking on the job. You should also speak with an attorney in the state that you live to ensure compliance with your state’s laws about spy cameras or a hidden camera and to put together a no-right-to-privacy statement for the nanny before your family hires this person.

There are also some risks when placing a nanny cam in your home.

After going to YouTube and searching nanny cam, I have to say that I was shocked at the footage that was out there. I have a responsibility as a professional nanny to make parents aware of what is going on and to help you as a parent to identify problems before they become a serious issue.  Here are a few videos. I must warn you they are graphic.

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    You need some device to record your video like a DVR. Make sure the one you pick is compatible with the camera. If you don’t want the hassle of wiring and walls and.

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    As per me its right.Well Nanny cams first came to the attention of  the American public as a way to catch abusive nannys in the act.  However, these cameras can also serve another purpose and that is to help you find the perfect nanny to care for your child.  Your child is important to you and you not only want to find a nanny that will keep your child safe but, one that truly enjoys being with children.  You don’t want to settle for less than the best.

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    Is it really a good idea to install video cameras nanny?

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    There have been several cases of nannies quitting a job because they were upset when they found out that a nanny cam had captured them in embarrassing situations. One nanny had taken her blouse off after the baby had spit up on her. She was mortified to find out the parents had seen her in her bra. Another nanny was dancing and singing to the radio to entertain the baby and was simply embarrassed to know that her employers had witnessed her being so silly. Yet another nanny quit when she found out her employers were able to hear a very personal conversation she had with her grandmother on the telephone where she had shared information that was not employer’s business. If a family is going to use a nanny cam, it is best to let the nanny know before she accepts the position.