Our first Parent and nanny Pow-Wow


Wow, what a great way to end a Wednesday! Thank you all for coming out to this wonderful Pow-wow. I was able to get to meet  some awesome parents who love spending time with their children. We were able to talk to each other over some great pizza and treats.

Over the weekend, I was planning to write in detail all the things that  we talked about at the Pow-Wow, but then I had second thoughts on the outline. So, I have made a decision not to go into much detail about the Pow-wow. I figure that I will just go over  some key points that were discussed.

  • We talked about the three learning styles that will make learning a lot more successful with your children
  • Why I love the workbook “Character counts”
  • What schools work for which child
  • Our play-group
  • Having a secure attachment with your child
  • What works for one child in your home will not always work for the other child
  • How to color with your child so he or she will not get discouraged or feel intimidated by what you did

Those are just some of the topics that we were able to mingle about for ninety minutes. We will be hosting another Pow-Wow on the 28th of  April, same time and location as on the 14th.

I hope to get to know more and more wonderful parents and nannies. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful ideas with every one.



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