What is the real cost when hiring a nanny?


tiffaney kids helmet 300x225 What is the real cost when hiring a nanny?If you are visiting this blog, it’s probably because you are ready to hire a nanny, but are bombarded by lots of questions. The first question that I always get from parents is: How much does it really cost our family to hire a nanny? This depends because the need of each family is so different in each case. By cost, I am not just going to define it by the money value, but also by your children’s well-being and safety. My goal for this blog is to get you, as the parent, to understand the real cost before discussing it with your children. This will help create a healthy attachment between your nanny and child. Ultimately, the goal is to create a wonderful relationship for the whole household to work together in.

I always have my families sit down together with or without myself present, to talk about their family’s needs. We write the needs down to have a clear picture of what they really need as a family. Get the children excited about the idea of having a nanny present by discussing as a family what they would like to do with this new person. By involving your children and writing theses ideas down, this will help your child feel included and respected in the final outcome.

Thoughts to discuss with the whole family together…

  • Do we need a full-time or part-time nanny?
  • A short-term or long-term nanny?
  • Would a nanny, babysitter, or au pair work for our family?
  • What qualifications do we expect in the candidate?
  • Does our religion or lifestyle come into play with our family’s needs?
  • How much childcare experience would we like this person to have?
  • Do we want a live-in or live-out nanny?
  • Do we want a nanny who doesn’t mind animals because we have a cat, a dog, three rabbits, three birds, six snakes, and six rats?
  • Is a second language a must for us?
  • Do we need a nanny to help with homework?
  • Do we have proper space for a live-in nanny? This would be a nice private bedroom and bathroom.

Thoughts to think about on your own without the children’s input …

  • Are we including meals when the nanny is at our home?
  • How often do we want to provide raises for our nanny?
  • How much will we offer our nanny each raise period?
  • Will we give the nanny bonuses for jobs well-done that exceeded our expectations?
  • Will we pay a portion or all of the nanny’s health insurance?
  • How many vacation days and personal days will we allow for our nanny in a calendar year?
  • What is our family’s budget for activities when our nanny is out caring for our children?
  • Will we pay overtime, which is time and a half in most states, if our nanny is a live-out nanny?
  • What holidays are we willing to pay to the nanny?
  • What will we pay in taxes? ( I recommend contacting Breedlove)
  • How much will we have to pay for worker’s compensation?
  • Will our nanny be using the family’s car or her own?
  • Are we willing to pay for millage and gas?
  • Are we willing to pay for our nanny to get her car detailed X amount of times depending on usage by our family?
  • Do we need a licensed driver to drive the children around?
  • Will we search on our own or rely on an agency for help? (keep in mind your budget)
  • Are we willing to pay for the nanny to get higher education while she is employed with our family, this might be for the class and for the time the nanny spends at the class? Are we willing to pay for the travel cost if it’s out of state?
  • Are we going to provide the nanny with a cell phone or pay her an extra amount onto her phone bill for calls and text messages?
  • Will we pay the nanny for time spent outside the home for work purposes? Some examples would be: Pick up dry cleaning, making phone calls for play dates, food shopping, planning the children’s week, or writing email messages to and from parent to nanny.
  • Will we be running a background check on the nanny?   ( I recommend going with The Trust-line registry)

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Keep in mind that when you are starting something new it takes time to adjust. Don’t worry about all the information at once. Take it one step at a time and have fun with the process as a family. Remember that there is abundant amount of  resources out there to help you and your family. Also remember the pros of having a nanny employed by your family. The pros to having a nanny is the flexibility it adds to your life, the education that you can get from a nanny and the love that they will provide into your children’s lives for years to come.

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