Why join INA for parents and nannies?

INA group shot 01 300x225 Why join INA for parents and nannies?

Group of friends I met at 2009 INA conference

I am looking forward to my third year with the INA (International Nanny Association). This May, I will be driving north to the conference for yet another wonderful event. I’ll be able to network with other nannies and go to educational seminars and workshops.   I am really looking forward to all that there is to learn in May.

It is my strong belief that if you work with children it is vitally important for you to be educated and continue your education in the field and about children. Being educated is what sets you apart from being a  babysitter or a professional nanny. It is not about how long ago you went to school, but what  you are doing now. This truly sets you apart from the typical  nanny on the playground.

Back in the day, I defined myself as a babysitter. I would get to some lady’s house and watch her kids for two or three hours. She would pay me for my time and I would come back again, week after week. I also had school to go to and friends to hang out with.

After about two or three years, I started to work part-time and defined myself as a nanny. Of course, this meant that I had more responsibility and I would actually get to drive the kids around.

After about six years and lots of workshops, CPR and First Aid certificates, educational certifications, and lots of experience, and after joining the INA , I gave myself the title ‘Professional Nanny’ and also the title ‘YourSuperNanny’.

When you, as a nanny, become a member of the INA or any organization you are stating that you have a strong desire to improve yourself as an in-home educator, and in a child’s life for the better. INA has exceeded my expectation as a non-profit organization in so many ways. From going to their conference, hosting round table discussions, learning about diet, getting educated by nanny mentors, and links to help me with all my questions. This non-profit organization has really allowed me to blossom as a professional nanny.

For parents, it’s a great way to get your nanny more education and to help her find a support group. You can learn about hiring tools, resources, agencies, the INA directory, tax information, health insurance and work agreements through the INA.

Please visit the web-sight www.nanny.org for more details and for upcoming conferences and events.

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