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easter 300x150 Backyard Easter CarnivalHow to get more use from your child’s Easter basket is a must know for parents this year, such as not only how you can get the most use from the basket but also the most affordable way to fill the basket.

Some tips on saving money when filling your kids’ baskets.

  • I love my shredder for this one. I simply take dyed paper and shred it for the filling in the bottom of the basket. It’s super easy and fast. You save about $1.00-$6.00 a basket. Just remember to ONLY shred the paper if it is dry.
  • Reuse wicker baskets or grab one from a secondhand store. Yard sales also give great deals on baskets. I just purchased an awesome wicker basket from GoodWill that only cost me 50¢.
  • Decorate the outside of the basket with cut-out flowers, then add more inside of the basket for decoration.
  • Add the picture of your child with the Easter Bunny to take up some of the space in the basket.
  • Reuse the old plastic eggs again this year. Fill them with some candy from the dollar store or even pair up with another family and cut the cost of the candy.
  • Bake your kids’ favorite  homemade cookies, wrap them in plastic wrap and set those in the basket. For a nice touch, add a nice ribbon to the plastic wrap for a nice Easter feel. ( MAKE SURE THE RIBBON ISN’T TOO LONG FOR YOUR CHILD’S NECK TO CAUSE STRANGULATION AND THE PLASTIC WRAP ISN’T LEFT UNSUPERVISED FOR YOUR CHILD TO SUFFOCATE)

Some tips on getting the most out of your kids’ Easter basket.

  • Remember that you can always have your child reuse their baskets throughout the year. This is why I recommend not purchasing a basket that has any resemblance of Easter. I love using those baskets for table centerpieces at dinner or for outside eating. They are also great to hold napkins, utensils and cups for easy carrying to and from the table. Also, I find that the wicker baskets stay around a lot longer then those plastic baskets/buckets.
  • Remember that picture with the Easter Bunny? Why not add a frame and then get creative with your child? Have fun decorating the frame. You can also add the picture to your scrapbook.
  • After Easter is over, you can store the shredded paper for next year or you can use the paper for shipping purposes.
  • Make a hiding game with all the plastic easter eggs.


Some games to set up for the carnival:

Game recommended for 4-13 year olds. HERE BUNNY BUNNY — Buy a fake bunny and hide him. This can also be done with a potato or a bag of bread, whatever you have available. However, the object must be seen as a bunny. The person who hid the bunny will give each person a carrot to hold. On the word “Go,” each player who is trying to find the rabbit will hold out their carrot and call out, “Here, bunny bunny.” When a person finds the bunny, she or he will hold the bunny close to their chest to protect it.  Everyone else must stop, sit, and nibble on their carrot because the only carrot the bunny wants is from the person who is holding it. You can use big carrots or tiny carrots for this game. Advise the kids to only look for the bunny with their eyes and not their hands to avoid dirt that might get into their mouths from dirty hands.  I love ending the game with the last person to finish their carrot.

Recommended for all ages.  EASTER EGG BUNNY — I love hiding different color plastic eggs in the yard. To keep everyone happy, I recommend hiding different colored eggs for each age group. For example, if the kids are three years old, they look only for the color yellow. The kids who are four and five will hunt for all the purple eggs. And so on and so on. You can also split them up by age. Also, keep it safe by having the children understand the boundary lines of the hunt and never have just one adult or too many children.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE BUNNY: This can also be done with almost any age. Draw a big picture of a bunny. Hang it at eye level for the kids in a safe place. Put a piece of tape on a cotton ball and have the kids try to place the cotton ball on the bunny’s tail. This is done after they place a handkerchief on their head to cover their eyes. You can then spin a kid around in a circle three times (slowly). Please keep in mind that this game is fun, but of course without the proper adult supervision someone could get hurt.

Find some pictures for the guest to color.  Having a table where the kids can come and go at anytime to color is a fun, relaxing activity where any child can just sit and do as he or she pleases. I would supply fat and skinny crayons so that the little ones can hold the crayons just right. I would stay away from markers or paints at an event like this.

easter basket 199x300 Backyard Easter CarnivalMUSICAL CHARIOT, BUNNY TAIL, BUNNY OR EGG — This game is best played with children above the age of seven. This game requires some cutting and taping, a radio and lots of chairs. If you know ahead of time the amount of guest, then it’s easier to set up. But, if not, make a ton more pages to cut out and have on hand extra tape. First, to set up: Grab all the chairs that will be used, copy easter pictures, cut them out and tape them to each chair, set the chairs up in one big line or circle, placing every other chair in the wrong direction. When the chairs are all set, start the music! You can change this game up by making the children jump like bunnies when the music starts. When the music stops, each child must take a seat. When the music ends, you take away one chair. This will leave one child without a seat. When the music stops the next time, one child will not have a place to sit. This person is then out and takes a piece of candy. She or he then can help with the music stopping and going and even have a say in which chair should get taken away.

I hope that this blog will make  it a bit easier this Easter. Enjoy!

Here is a little video of our Easter Bunny Skittles:

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  • Shauna

    I love the idea of recycling paper for easter baskets . I have lots of used tissue paper from gift bags that would be great for making easter grass .