Pizza Birthday Party Video is here


Today we had a four-hour birthday party booked at TT’s (YourSuperNanny’s Headquarters), so we were able to finally film the festivities, and bring you a little taste of not just the pizza, but the games, the fun, and the loving hearts of 15 kids.

The kids ended up making 18 large pizzas, since their parents caught on to the flavor and wanted in on the fun.

It is amazing to watch how much fun they had, and how well they are sharing in the activities of creating their pizzas. They split into groups based on the toppings they wanted on their pizzas, and we got some very creative ones icon smile Pizza Birthday Party Video is here

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  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Henry

    I can only say ” what a blast this was for the kids, but what do I say, everybody can see it on the video.

    Thank you


  • claudia

    Now, how exactly do you say Thank You to all that? (says the mother of the birthday child). Thank you, Christian and Tiffany!!!! And thank you, Renate (Christian’s Mommy, who is ALWAYS working away quietly behind the scenes. What a Wonderful Woman.)

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Dorita Survanna Slay


    I was so touched by your video and the pure fun, enjoyment you’re bringing to families in your area. I think you’re the best kept secret, as always you’re such a creative force. Please host a gathering purely for adults and Lorenzo and I would be there!

    Best Wishes to you and Chris

  • Honey Book

    Loved watching the video of the pizza party. Will definitely give your name to all of the l.a. people that I know that have kids.

  • Alina Timinskas

    Tiffany, you and Christian are examples of everything good in the world…You could not have poured more love, fun, and creativity into an event like this if it were your very own child.. We are so impressed and blessed to have made your acquaintance. Love, Alina, Nicholas and Sofia Timinskas

  • Shauna L

    Wow I wish it was my Birthday . Looks like a lot of fun .

  • Scotty

    Love the video! Looks like a ton of fun and you guys are awesome!

  • Robert B.

    thanks again for yet another great party.
    You guys thro the best events!