Top six reasons to call yourself a supernanny.


I was asked by a parent in class tonight to write a blog about what qualifies someone to be a true supernanny. So, I have added for this blog the top six reasons why I think you can consider yourself a true supernanny.

1. If you know the stages of child development, then you could be a true supernanny.

2. You can plan and carry out kids activities at the child’s level of development. This could mean that you have what it takes to be a true supernanny.

3. You, as a nanny, feel comfortable and confident giving parenting advice that is accurate and safe.

4. You, as a nanny, attend workshops and conferences that encourage learning about current stages of child development.

5. If you know how to have fun with the child you are caring for and you feel comfortable playing kids games, then you could be a supernanny.

6. To be considered a true supernanny you, as a nanny, must be current in your CPR and FIRST AID certifications.

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  • EmilyReynolds

    Yeah, really interesting tips. I will try to follow this tips to become super-nanny. Thanks for sharing information with me…

  • Marcfrancislewis

    I love this site!!! Its very informative on the nuances of taking care of your children seriously. I have learned a lot from this site and look foreward to making the changes within my childrens care, and safety. Thank you Tiffany, you are a SUPERNANNY!!!

  • Sandy Schklair

    I studied Piaget and others in college working on my BA & MA in psychology. It is my personal opinion that the “accepted” stages of child development are a myth. Stages of child development AND educational standards in America are woefully below par. We should expect more from our youth… even the babies. There’s no reason that 3 year olds can’t read novels…
    Sandy Schklair

  • Pat Cascio

    As a professional nanny that has dedicated your life to providing excellent care for children that depend on you for their safety and well being makes you a Supernanny!