Why nannys should NOT be placing pic...

Posted on Sep 10 2010 | 2 Comments
Why nannys should NOT be placing pictures up on the internet I know that nannies love their jobs and also want nothing more than to show their boss pictures of the children as they spend their day. This is totally fine and great that a nanny would want to share that with the parents.... Read More »

Our first Parent and nanny Pow-Wow

Posted on Apr 20 2010 | No Comments
Wow, what a great way to end a Wednesday! Thank you all for coming out to this wonderful Pow-wow. I was able to get to meet  some awesome parents who love spending time with their children. We were able to talk to each other over some great pizza and treats. Over the weekend, I was planning to write in detail all the things that  we talked about at the Pow-Wow,... Read More »

Why join INA for parents and nannies...

Posted on Apr 01 2010 | No Comments
Why join INA for parents and nannies? Group of friends I met at 2009 INA conference I am looking forward to my third year with the INA (International Nanny Association). This May, I will be driving north to the conference for yet another wonderful event. I’ll... Read More »